AccuScore is a sports simulation company that accurately simulates sporting events prior to their scheduled time. The simulation model uses past player performances and relates that data to the coming match: team composition, weather, location, coaching… We define each player with a unique algorithm and simulate every match approximately 10,000 times. Our current licensing and subscription services cover all major US sports and top 10 soccer leagues round the world. We provide game predictions as well as individual player performance projections to be used eg. in fantasy sports.

In addition to predictions Accuscore provides sports analytics. We have created ice hockey player databased based on advanced analytics methods. Each player performance can be ranked against other players in the same league. Outside of sports world, Accuscore has predicted with great accuracy elections and Eurovision Song Contest.

Tuomas Kanervala - CEO

Tuomas is in charge of overall management of Accuscore. With help of experts in different areas he oversees product development, sales and operations. His ultimate target is to provide accurate sports predictions to all and help to engage fans to the sports they love.

Before joining Accuscore Tuomas was a management consultant in Accenture for 10 years. During this time he helped many Fortune 500 companies in the field of communications and media to improve their operations and digital supply chains. After graduating from IE Business school's Master of Sports Management program, he has been working in multiple sports media and sports rights projects.

Eero Mäki-Esko - Member of the Board

Eero is a minority shareholder in the company. He consults the company in data mining, modeling and software related issues. He will actively participate in decision making regarding the betting models and data processing.

Eero has studied computer science and software and has 7 years experience in various positions. Currently he works in cloud computing related projects on Nokia Solutions and Networks. In the past he has also worked data mining and modeling projects in the field of lottery games and poker.

Riku Soininen - Partner/Advisor 

Riku is a non-operative partner/advisor with a long background in gaming, sports media and IT businesses. Riku is best known in the industry from his history as a co-founder of Global Sports Media B.V. Riku has a Licentiate of Technology degree in information technology and an extensive academical history in IT sector as well.

Currently Riku holds multiple Board positions in different startup companies. Advant Games, TimerGPS Europe, Nexamen, Mobile Backstage and East Wing Vigo Accelerator are some of the companies where Riku helps management actively.

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