As the curtain rises on the MLB postseason divisional round this Saturday, baseball enthusiasts are in for a treat with a lineup of thrilling matchups that promise to ignite the diamond. The excitement kicks off as the Texas Rangers go head-to-head with the Baltimore Orioles, setting the stage for a clash of power and precision. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Twins face off against the formidable reigning champions Houston Astros after shutting down Toronto in the wild card round. In the National League, the Philadelphia Phillies take on the reigning top-seeded Atlanta Braves, who are looking for their second World Series in three seasons. Lastly, the Arizona Diamondbacks step into the lion's den against the Los Angeles Dodgers, ready to challenge the dominant Dodgers. As these elite teams vie for supremacy in the divisional round, fans brace themselves for a postseason spectacle filled with intense rivalries and unforgettable moments on the path to baseball glory.

Here is how the Accuscore simulation engine has predicted the MLB divisional round to finish.

Texas Rangers @ Baltimore Orioles

Get ready for an electrifying showdown in the MLB playoffs as the 5th seeded AL team Texas Rangers and the regular season AL winner Baltimore Orioles lock horns in a best-of-five series. The simulations are heavily favoring the Rangers, who swept Tampa Bay Rays comfortably in the wild card round: Rangers are commanding a 65.9% probability of clinching victory. On the flip side, the 101-win Baltimore Orioles only get a 34.1% chance of emerging triumphant from the divisional round series.

At present, the betting landscape positions Baltimore as the slightly favored team with odds of -115. In contrast, Texas is close behind with odds of -105. Comparing these odds to the initial probabilities, it's apparent that the betting companies see the matchup as more evenly balanced than the simulated probabilities suggested.

The -115 odds for Baltimore imply a probability of approximately 53.5%, slightly lower than the earlier 34.1% probability. On the Texas side, the -105 odds correspond to a probability of around 51.2%, which is notably lower than the initial 65.9% probability.

VALUE PICK: Rangers -105


Minnesota Twins @ Houston Astros

The American League divisional round sees 3rd seeded Minnesota Twins and the 2nd seeded Houston Astros gear up for a best-of-five series. Minnesota successfully shut down Toronto Blue Jays in the Wild Card round and are now facing a tough challenge against the well-rested Astros. According to simulations, the Minnesota Twins have a 48.4% chance of emerging victorious, while the Houston Astros hold a slightly higher probability at 51.6%.

In the betting arena, the odds further amplify the competitive nature of this matchup. Houston, backed by their home advantage is positioned as the favorite with odds of -160. On the other side, the Minnesota Twins enter the series as the underdog, carrying odds of +135.

Comparing the simulation percentages to the odds reveals an interesting dynamic. The simulation suggests a nearly even matchup, with the Astros having a slight edge. However, the odds paint a more decisive picture, favoring Houston more significantly. Turned into percentages the odds would indicate Houston to take the series with 61.5% probability and Twins to win with 42.6% probability.


MLB 2023 Postseason AL Divisional Round predictions

Philadelphia Phillies @ Atlanta Braves

The stage is set for a thrilling MLB playoff clash as the Philadelphia Phillies and the powerhouse Atlanta Braves face off in a best-of-five series. Simulation results bring forth intriguing probabilities, with the Braves holding a formidable 63.6% chance of emerging victorious, while the Phillies are the underdogs, boasting a 36.4% probability.

Adding context to the matchup, the regular-season standings reinforce the Braves' dominance, securing the coveted number one spot in the National League. Meanwhile, the Phillies, positioned at fourth, showcased their prowess by swiftly dispatching the Miami Marlins in the Wild Card round in straight two games.

In the betting realm, the odds for the series mirror the simulation results. The Atlanta Braves, with their stellar regular-season performance and top-tier stats all around, enter as the favorites with odds of -170. On the flip side, the Philadelphia Phillies, despite their Wild Card success, are the underdogs with odds of +145.

Comparing the simulation percentages to the odds highlights a convergence of the simulations and betting sentiment. The Braves are heavily favored by the odds and even more so by the simulations. The +145 odds for the Phillies translate to an implied probability of around 40.8%, indicating a notable disparity with the 36.4% simulation result, while the Braves odds at -170 indicate a 63% probability, which is slightly lower than 63.6% in the simulations.

VALUE PICK: Braves -170


Arizona Diamondbacks @ Los Angeles Dodgers

Gear up for what might be the most lopsided of the MLB divisional round playoff series as the Arizona Diamondbacks go head-to-head with the Los Angeles Dodgers in a best-of-five battle. Simulation results bring forth the probabilities, revealing that the Dodgers are commanding the field with a substantial 75.3% chance of emerging victorious, while the Diamondbacks, the underdogs, hold a 24.7% probability.

Contextualizing the matchup, the regular-season standings affirm the Dodgers' prowess, securing the number two spot in the National League. On the flip side, the Diamondbacks, holding the fifth position, showcased their resilience by swiftly dispatching the Milwaukee Brewers in the Wild Card round in two games, led by their solid batting and exquisite pitching.

In the realm of betting, the odds for the series solidify the Dodgers' favoritism. The current odds stand at -205 for the Los Angeles Dodgers, positioning them as the clear favorites. On the other side of the spectrum, the Arizona Diamondbacks enter as the underdogs with odds of +175.

Comparing the simulation percentages to the odds underscores a consensus between simulations and betting sentiment. The Dodgers, beating Diamondbacks in most of the statistical categories, are convincingly favored both in the simulations and by the odds. The +175 odds for the Diamondbacks imply an implied probability of around 36.4%, showcasing a noticeable discrepancy with the 24.7% simulation result. The Dodgers odds at -205 indicate a probability of 67.2%, which is lower than that of 75.3% of the simulations.

VALUE PICK: Dodgers -205

MLB 2023 Postseason NL Divisional Round predictions
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