We haven’t seen a full weekend slate of NBA games like this is a long time and we are very excited. It feels great to have basketball back and we have seen a ton of amazing games so far. We are so excited that we keep looking ahead and picking out our favorite games. Below is what we have circled on our schedule for Day 4 inside the NBA bubble


Bucks vs. Rockets

Bucks vs Rockets is what a lot of the expert NBA picks had for a finals match up early on, but now we get to see them go head to head in the bubble. One of the biggest questions for any team playing the Bucks is “how do you stop Giannis” but that question gets even bigger when your team is void of big men. The Rockets small ball lineup is going to be pushed to its limits when it goes up against the Bucks. Will the Bucks even trot out a Lopez brother on the court? This game has a lot of questions and we can’t wait to get to the bottom of them. This Rockets vs Bucks prediction tries to answer some of those question, but you are going to have to tune in once and for all to find out.

Blazers vs. Celtics

Two under the radar contenders are matched up head to head when the Celtics take on the Blazers. Although the Blazers hadn’t played up to their usual standards during the regular season they may have benefited the most from the time off. Nearly all the Blazers’ big men are back and healthy in the Orlando bubble. The Celtics are a great team with a lot of skill, but their weakness is the big man. Enes Kanter is going to have his hands full with his old team and this Blazers Celtics prediction breaks it all down. Sunday can not come soon enough.

Kings vs. Magic

Gamblers have their eyes on the Kings and Magic game this Sunday because two different play styles are going to clash. The Kings and Magic both have to put out their best efforts in the play in games so we expect this to be low scoring and close. The Kings are going to come right at the Magic with speed, while the Magic are going to slow the ball down and play through their big men. This Magic vs Kings prediction has a better breakdown on all the data for this game, take a lot and find your best bets.


Mavs vs. Suns

Two of the best young guards in the league will be going at each other when the Mavs play the Suns on Sunday. The Mavs have the much better overall team, but the Suns have the star power. Devin Booker is able to get hot any night, and when he does get hot, we have seen some of the best defenders in the NBA have trouble containing him. Luka Doncic on the other hand will look to keep dominating his opponents. The Mavs are trying their best to improve their playoff position, so you know they won’t take it light on the Suns here. This Suns vs Mavericks prediction has all the data you need to make an informed bet on the game. We are leaning Mavs here but check out the prediction to get the full scoop.



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