American Football is America’s favorite sport, with over 400 million fans, and an industry exceeding $15 billion. With numbers like these, American Football is by far the most popular sport in the United States. The popularity of American Football has led to many fans arguing about best teams, top players, good or bad calls and games. These arguments have led to the creation of Fantasy Football.

What is Fantasy Football?

In simple terms, Fantasy Football is a game, where participants pick a number of NFL players from a draft, and serve as the general managers of their respective teams. Points are awarded to each team depending on the performance of the players in actual matches. Fantasy Football is one of football fans’ favorite pastime, and the popularity of it has led to the development of Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, and Fantasy Hockey, as well as other sports.

Can you Bet on Fantasy Football?

To put it plainly, yes. Just like there are sites like Novibet sports where fans can bet on Football matches, there are sites and ways to bet on Fantasy football. The simplest way to bet on fantasy football, is to simply bet on whether your fantasy team will do better than another participant’s fantasy team. But just like in Football, there are other ways to bet on fantasy football, including betting on the best performing player, highest-scoring team, etc.

What are the Different Types of Fantast Football?

To keep the game fresh and interesting, there have been developed multiple types of fantasy football. There are multiple variants of fantasy football, but the three main types are Traditional/Seasonal, Daily, and Keeper, or Dynasty Leagues.

Seasonal or Traditional Fantasy Football

The most common form of fantasy football, seasonal leagues entail picking your team from the draft, and then sticking with it over the entire American Football season. The appeal of this form of fantasy football, is the freedom it gives to participants, as they make short term commitments to their rosters.

Daily Fantasy Football

Daily Fantasy Football is relatively new, spawning from the online betting companies. The game is an accelerated version of traditional fantasy football, which lasts sometimes a week, or more typically a day. Online, Daily Fantasy Football leagues allow anyone to enter, and usually the number of players can reach the thousands. This form of fantasy sport has been gaining more and more ground in recent years.

Keeper/Dynasty Leagues

Unlike seasonal leagues, keeper leagues allow participants to keep a number of their drafted players in their roster at the end of the season. This is a great form of fantasy football for fans who get emotionally attached to their favorite players.

Dynasty Leagues are a more commitment-heavy version of keeper leagues, because they put participants in the shoes of actual football managers. The drafter players remain in the fantasy roster until the manager of the roster either decides to drop them, or trade them with other participants.


Fantasy football is a massively popular pastime in the United States, and in fact has been spreading globally in recent years. It can be a fun, care-free pastime, or a great, and interesting way of gambling that doesn’t revolve traditional casinos.

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