A Look Back at Super Bowl LVI

2021’s Super Bowl was nothing short of spectacular. Not only did we see the rise of the underdogs that are the Cincinnati Bengals, led by their hero quarterback Joe Burrow, but we also saw an incredible team in the LA Rams, who delivered the goods to go all the way.


On top of all the amazing football action in one of the most exciting Super Bowls in years, we were treated to one of the best halftime shows. Some of the best hip-hop artists from the past couple of years took to the stage, so the entertainment didn’t let up for a second!


Will Joe Burrows and the Bengals be back for  another shot in 2022? How about the Rams? Are  they going to hold up their form? If you fancy a bet on the outcome of the next NFL season, or anything else that happens within it, check out the best sportsbooks in New Jersey. You’ll find the right place to put down a bet right there.


Stay with us as we find out the answers to these questions and look back on arguably the best Super Bowl of the past ten years.


The Mighty Bengals Deliver the Goods

For the neutral fan, the most exciting thing about Super Bowl LVI was the rise of the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite not having been  in the Super Bowl since all the way back in 1988, the Bengals obliterated the likes of the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans to reach the final. They were easily the biggest success story in the NFL this season.


And they came so close to winning it! There were times throughout the final, that we thought they could go all the way. They only fell down right in the final quarter as the Rams put together a supreme change of pace to take  the lead away from the Bengals.


The Bengals will certainly be back, just as long as Joe Burrow sticks around and stays fit. But it’s not just about him. Ja’Marr Chase had an amazing season as a wide receiver and looks to be in the form of his life. We won’t be surprised if he’s back with a bang next season!


The Rams Get a Little Lucky

We’re not saying the LA Rams didn’t deserve it overall. However, they certainly needed a little luck in the final stages of the match to get it over the line. They looked like the weaker team a few times throughout the game, but were superior in the end thanks to some excellent play from Matthew Stafford, the quarterback, and defensive tackle Aaron Donald.


It’s fair to say that the Los Angeles Rams are going to be contenders for the Super Bowl next season as well, provided they make the right drafts and that Odell Beckham Jr. recovers from injury quickly enough. At the end of the day, they did have a great game. But it was one of those that could have gone either way!


A Heck of a Halftime Show

One of the most exciting parts of Super Bowl LVI, at least for neutral fans, was the amazing halftime show. It featured an amazing lineup of hip-hop artists from throughout the past couple of decades, including Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg, to name just a few!


The all-star lineup performed a medley of their biggest hits, and the energy in  the stadium was absolutely electric. 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” were just a couple of the great tracks performed on the night.


Unexpected Playoff Results

Building up to Super Bowl LVI, there were a few results that did not go to plan. For example, Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers were unexpectedly knocked out by the San Francisco 49ers with a spectacular last-minute field goal from the legendary Robbie Gould on  the last kick of the game. The Packers were the number one draft for the playoffs, and a lot of people expected them to go all the way.


Another slightly surprising result was the Kansas City Chiefs’  knocking out the Buffalo Bills. Up until this point, the Bills were having an amazing season and a lot of people expected them to challenge for the AFC title and find their way into the Super Bowl. Who knows, they might have even knocked out the Bengals and had that extra bit of class to beat the Rams in the final! We’ll never know… until maybe next year. See you then!

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