Accuscore’s IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2019 – Winner

The simulation of the World Championship tournament is tricky, because the teams have not played together in the past and rosters might have seen a complete overhaul from year-to-year. With that, the comparison of the different leagues and therefore players’ performances provide another obstacle to accurate predictions. However, we are bold and go far ahead in the future and predict the probabilities of the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships 2019 right here and now.



Not a big surprise here. Canadians have recently showed up to these games and always boast an excellent roster. Despite suffering a last-minute set-back with John Tavares’ injury, they are more than well equipped to battle for their 3rd championship in five years.

Accuscore’s simulations present Canada as 25% favorites to win the World Championship. The odds would then stand at +300 or 4.00.



The Swedes have once again extremely competitive team, despite lacking some of the big stars from the NHL. Their young players still know how to play in European ice and they’ve won two in a row. When push comes to shove, Sweden is at its best.

Accuscore’s simulations present Sweden as 21% probable to win their 3rd in a row. The odds would stand around +376 or 4.76.

No. 3


Only slightly behind Sweden, Russia has some of the biggest names of the tournament – but they’ve failed before. Will the superstars gel together in a short period of time or will it be a show of individuals? Either way, Russia will be up there with pure skill if needed.

Accuscore’s simulations present Russia as 20% probable to win the championship. The odds would stand at +400 or 5.00.

No. 4


As unbelievable as it is, USA has not won since the 1960. Looking at the teams they’ve had in the past couple of years, they definitely are due one soon. Some of the brightest young stars man the US roster, but the question is once again the European ice and the lack of cohesion. The skills are there for sure.

Accuscore’s simulations present USA as 12% probable to take the first win in almost 80 years. The odds would stand at +733 or 8.33

No. 5

Czech Republic

A sort of bubbling under team for many years, the Czechs are always considered contenders but seem to run short for one reason or another. Their last win is from 2010, but the other top teams have grown stronger in a decade while Czechs have somewhat stagnated. They have some great players though and playing right next door provides them with a nice home ice advantage.

Accuscore’s simulations present Czech Republic as 9% probable to win it all. The odds would stand at +1011 or 11.11.

No. 6


Funnily enough, despite having probably the most talented young core of players in the NHL, Finland’s team consists almost entirely of players in Europe. Not known to general public, the Finns are once again deemed outsiders. But that’s what they like and they might be in for a surprise led by the 2011 gold medal winning coach Jukka Jalonen.

Accuscore’s simulations present Finland as 7% likely to capture the gold again in Bratislava. The odds would stand at +1328 or 14.29.

The Rest

The remaining 6% of probability is shared among the rest of the teams, headlined by Switzerland, Slovakia and Germany with close to 2% each. But to be fair, so many things would need to go awry for the big six teams in order for the challengers to win it, all of it is a very very long shot. Switzerland came close last year, taking everyone by surprise and Germany almost did it in the non-NHL players Olympics. Slovakia is the only nation able to win the championship outside of the big six since 1936, so it’s bound to happen – but not this time.


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