The Top 3 Picks To Win The Champions League


The 2020/2021 season is full of beautiful surprises which prove just how good and how competitive football is, thus establishing why this sport is the most popular and most influential in the world. We have Milan at the top of the Serie A, Manchester United are on a good way to win the Premier League, LaLiga has become more competitive and Real and Barcelona is struggling more than ever, etc. 

All these new developments have made one tournament more exciting than ever before – the Champions League. Thanks to the good form that all the clubs are in, it is very hard to predict which team is capable to win it, but regardless, we wanted to name our 3 top picks as potential trophy lifters. But, before we do that, let’s check one interesting and unique way through which you can experience the sport. 

Unique Way to Experience the Sport 

Apart from watching and enjoying the games, maybe even place occasional bets on them, there are some other ways to have fun while still maintaining the love for football. We are talking about gaming. In the past couple of years, one interesting concept of online gaming has become very popular and football fans have become quite fond of it. 

We are talking about online casinos. These platforms have hundreds of quality games created by some of the world’s leading game providers. How do they connect with football? Since research showed that football fans are also fans of these games, providers created many football-themed casino games as a way to make the players feel more entertained and welcomed. 

Players can choose between various slot games and virtual sports games. All of them have fantastic gameplay and feature HD resolutions. Slots are by far the most popular games, so f you want to, you can play them here. The only thing that you have to do is register an account. That is a process that lasts just a minute. One thing to remember though – make sure you play responsibly.

Now, let’s check the biggest favourites to win the CL. 

Bayern Munich 

Coming at the number 1 spot are the last year’s winners – Bayern Munich. As the new season unfolded and many top-tier teams are struggling with their form and have many injuries, Bayern is showing no signs of slowing down. They are at the top of their game and each of their players is in the best possible form. Their superiority combined with the lack of form from other challengers is what makes us believe that they will win the CL for a second consecutive time. 

Manchester City

At number 2, we have a team that has been considered a favourite for the past 3 years, but somehow never managed to go past the quarter-finals. Pep’s guys had a rough start of the season, but they are slowly getting back on track and are charging towards success. Similar to other seasons, we do believe that Pep can break the curse and finally lift the Champions League trophy.


Finally, the third contender is one of the best teams of the decade. Liverpool returned to its former glory under Klopp’s management and lifted several trophies in the past couple of years, with the CL and the PL being the two most memorable. Even though Liverpool are in a bit of a crisis right now and have a tough time winning games, we do believe that this is just a short period and that the team will regroup and climb back to the top.

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